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Provost, COE of F.C.E., Zaria - Dr. M.I. Maccido bagged two awards of excellence in Administrative & Academic leadership from COEASU & SSUCOEN on the 13th & 14th March, 2013 at A.C.E, Ondo, Ondo State and F.C.E., Okene, Kogi State,respectively. Read More


To provide professionally qualified non-graduate teachers of the Northern origin to man secondary and Teacher Training Colleges in the region. To provide professionally qualified Assistant inspectors for primary schools. Through the products or graduates of the college, to be able to gradually northernise the entire staff of all secondary schools and Teacher Training Colleges in the region.

The new administration has embarked on a new policy of reshaping the academic standard of the college. In an effort to meet up with the growing challenges in the Information Technology, the college has pivoted a project of online application and checking of Students' result. The Main Administrative Building The Building is an ultra modern three storey building highly equipped with state of the art facilities. It housed the management officers and major principal staff of the college.

Dr. Mukhtar I. Maccido - The Provost Receiving An Award