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  • News Update

    20th May, 2016, The College has a new acting Provost. He is Dr. Abdullahi Ango Ladan of the Department of Psychology, School of Education, F.C.E., Zaria


    To provide professionally qualified non-graduate teachers of the Northern origin to man secondary and Teacher Training Colleges in the region. To provide professionally qualified Assistant inspectors for primary schools. Through the products or graduates of the college, to be able to gradually northernize the entire staff of all secondary schools and Teacher Training Colleges in the region.
    The new administration has embarked on a new policy of reshaping the academic standard of the college. In an effort to meet up with the growing challenges in the Information Technology, the college has pivoted a project of online application, registration and checking of Students' result.

    Mission & Vision

    The Mission & Vision of the College keeps changing as the administrative and policy control of the College changes. The present mission & vision of Federal College of Education, Zaria are as follows:
    The College's Vision is to be a cradle of Teacher Education aspiring to meet the demands of modern challenges through renewed ideas based on global best practices in teaching and learning, harnessing its local, national and international potentials. Its deriving pulses being meeting the challenges of growing economy in Teacher Education in a dynamic society.
    The Mission of the College is to train teachers for the service of the dynamic society through renewed research and acceptable global practices in teaching profession. Ensuring that Teacher-Trainee are put on a dynamic course in meeting the challenges of dynamic modern society. Training dynamic and essentially well informed teachers in a global world is a mission of the College.

    Dr. Abdullahi Ango Ladan - Acting Provost